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I’m Hope Wisor, a graphic designer living and working in New York

I specialize in visual and print design, blending text and imagery to form compelling stories. I graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) in June 2023, where I majored in Graphic Design with a concentration in Literary Arts and Studies. During my time at RISD, I developed a passion for typography and book design, working on personal and campus publications. I also completed a senior degree project, Buff Books, that explored the intersection of book lovers and gym rats.

Currently, I’m a Media & Design Associate at Pace Prints, an art gallery in Chelsea that provides leading contemporary artists with resources and facilities to create and exhibit fine art prints. I collaborate with a talented team to create educational and promotional materials for both the gallery and online platforms. 

More about me...

Latest museum/gallery show I went to: “Mary Cassat at Work” at the Philadelphia Museum of Art

Songs on repeat: Ain't No Love In Oklahoma by Luke Combs, Please Please Please by Sabrina Carpenter, and Elvira by The Oak Ridge Boys 

Podcasts I binge: Therapuss, Creative Pep Talk, Just Trish, and Cancelled

Currently reading: Shadowplay by Joseph O'Connor 

Design trend I love: Hand-drawn doodles
Design trend I hate: Pixels

Check out my reader’s insta @thesexyreaders