XX: Text Me When You Get Home



A fictional campaign based on the #TextMeWhenYouGetHome movement.  

Following the disappearance and murder of Sarah Everard in March 2021, women shared their personal experiences about feeling unsafe when walking alone via social media. One post by influencer Lucy Mountain went viral, an image of a text message reading “text me when you get home xx,” and inspired the movement. The concept of this campaign was to hold a series of webinars to educate young people about women’s safety and sexual violence, particularly high schoolers about to enter college.

Using the xx as the basis of my project, I titled the campaign “XX” with the subheader ”Text Me When You Get Home”. I then designed a typographic system applied to five forms: an event invitation, an event poster, stickers, name tags, and a website.

This project was featured in the 2021 RISD Graphic Design Triennial.