Brown Political Review

Editorial, Design Direction


Select layout designs for Brown Political Review, a student-run magazine that aims to educate a diverse public on current political, social, and economic issues.

As the Design Director for Brown Political Review, I lead a team of designers to select typefaces, create infographics, and creatively layout the magazine. As a collaborative team, both the Design Directors and Graphic Designers conceive the magazine’s layout, aesthetic, and design.

In addition to the articles, Graphic Designers also design certain spreads (interview spreads, table of contents, ads, etc.)

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FEASTING: A Gathering Publication

Editorial, Risograph


A collective publication to make work by gathering, inspired by Mindy Seu’s “On Gathering”.  Part of Experimental Publishing with Tycho Horan. 

In our publication, my partner and I curated an assortment of texts, art, and photos related to food, with a particular focus on the communal aspect of food. During our discussions, we expressed our delight in coming together with our loved ones, particularly when everyone brings their diverse cultural backgrounds to the table, to prepare and savor food. We aimed to capture this sentiment  by including images from our shared meals and incorporating quotes from articles like Louise O. Fresco’s “Why We Eat Together” and R.I.M. Dunbar’s study on the social functions of eating, “Breaking Bread”.  We printed our spreads using the RISO machine, with red ink on purple paper.

Family Tradition

Editorial, Illustration


Select pages from my visual essay, “Family Tradition”.

Together with family photos, collected memoribilla, and my own “doodle” illustrations, I created a scrapbook style book where I explore my family’s connection to country music.

The main subject of my essay is my grandfather, “Pap”, who has roots growing up in rural Pennslyvania.

Sand in the Gears



Print publication for Ingrid Barrington’s “Sand in the Gears”, an essay that deals critically with how the technology and tools we use in our everyday lives impact climate change and capitalism.

To capture the author’s process of grinding down an iPhone, I slowly broke down the essay, creating space between the text blocks. I also incorporated Barrington’s original images from her channel as halftone images to mimic sand particles.

Later, I translated this publication design to a desktop web version. Check out website prototype here.

Family Values

Type Design, Animation


A collection of posters and GIFs on the subject of sex positivity, parodying the phrase “family values”.  

Initially, I was drawn to “Pussy Riot,” the name of a Russian feminist punk rock group, as the phrase for my posters. I also combined symbols to form a vagina out of type ({!}).

While working on this project, Texas enacted a controversial law banning most abortions. In response to this political development, I shifted the main phrase to “Family Values”, parodying the conservative language often used by anti-abortion groups.

*NOTE: Due to recent events of the Supreme Court overturning Roe v Wade, I strongly believe this project is now more relevant than ever. Here’s how you can take action.